Our Mission

Dog owner about us

Dogs give us unconditional love as well as emotional & physical support. Don't they deserve something back?

myDogme is for pet owners who love their dog, and understand the extraordinary bond of a human-canine relationship. We specialise in curating beautiful jewelry for dog lovers to share with their pet. At mydogme we give you an opportunity to give back to unfortunate animals around the globe with every purchase.

With every purchase you make here, $1.30 (£1) is being donated to help rescue dogs, sheltering unloved dogs, and aiding to the health of ill dogs. The money is automatically donated and untouched to a variety of charities that we trust. 

Although small, together every single day we are all contributing to make canine lives better because every dog matters. 


Dog owners like you

We meticulously source products to reflect what we believe in, and how we want to represent our pets in the best way possible. We ensure our artisans in Nepal, Laos & China make our jewelry with the best quality materials, and that all money donated goes to the charities that we trust. mydogme is here to make a positive impact on the world, and we need your help to do that.


Companions forever

Our ambition is for you to always remember myDogme which is why we have curated some beautiful wallpapers you can use for your laptop or phone to always have us with you. You can view them here.